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Tailored Cambridge Curriculum

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IELTS- Your Gateway To International Success


ASIS is a world-renowned training provider that equips students, professionals and potential immigrants to get a strong hold on English.

Our IELTS course is called “MINDSET for IELTS” and it is an official IELTS course from Cambridge. The course navigates you through all the skills required to ace your IELTS exam and trains you in Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening. Created by Cambridge themselves, our course is set on the exact guidelines of IELTS, unlike other institutions that provide their own study material.

Why study for IELTS with ASIS?

  • Our course is created by Cambridge, the organisation that conducts the test itself. The course is designed to cater to an international audience of students and teachers.
  • A team of highly skilled educators that leave no stone unturned in training you. They boast of an excellent track record of delivering consistent results
  • Online classes are being conducted on CLMS (Cambridge Learning Management System)
  • Online access to TESTBANK (Authentic Cambridge English IELTS Practice Tests) that will familiarize you with the actual IELTS process
  • Digital Books to ensure all-round learning
  • Expert online modules to perfect your Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening & Grammatical abilities
  • 8 hours of practice content for each skill to perfect your English communication skills
  • Additional Tips and Tricks to help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your IELTS score

Our Features

Official Cambridge IELTS Course

Coursework designed by the exam conducting authority itself

Online Testbank

Authentic IELTS practice tests from Cambridge English

Highly Skilled Trainers

Seasoned professionals who deliver promising results, consistently

Cambridge Trained Faculty

Our trainers have been trained by Cambridge

Competitive Online Modules

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking: Practice everything right on your computer screens

150+ Targeted Support Items

Helping you at every level to make sure you never get stuck

What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English language test that is a requisite if you want to study overseas or migrate for work. The test was established in 1989 and is managed by Cambridge Assessment English.

Importance of IELTS

IELTS is a widely recognised English language assessment accepted by various universities, employers, schools and governments across the globe. It is an excellent way to polish your English skills and to understand the current stature of your English prowess. If you are planning to study overseas, IELTS is a prerequisite in almost all the English-speaking nations and, having a great score on the test can give you the edge you need.

Do you know this about IELTS?

Band Score of Indian IELTS test takers ?

Do you know that more than 30 lakh IELTS tests are taken every year across the globe and in India it is more than 10 lakhs. More than 10,000 Universities, colleges, schools, employers, immigration bodies approve IELTS as an English Proficiency test.

Do you know that the average band score for Indian applicants is 6.04. This is below the typical minimum requirement of 6.5.

Do you know that only 37% of Indians score the desired band score of 6.5 or more?

Do you know that countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia have a much higher percentage of applicants achieving 6.5 or more of band score?

This is dismally low for India and it is very important to do the right kind of preparation.

Do not compromise on your preparation OR you may end up compromising on your dreams.


IELTS online sessions

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  • 6 Weeks course, 36 hours of LIVE classes on weekdays
  • 400 practice exercises on LSRW, Grammar & Vocabulary
  • 18 months of access to Cambridge Learning Management System & practice exercises.
  • 4 IELTS simulated mock tests with assessment by Cambridge English

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